San Fran’s Sanchez Fans Padres

A starter who was demoted to the bullpen then got the start only after 300 wins pitcher Randy Johnson went to the DL. He came to impress, 11 strikeouts, and no walks. The Padres, the team the Giants where playing had no answer to the stuff that the 26 year old southpaw.  He nearly had a perfect game, but Juan Uribe made an error in the eighth. This was the first no hit pitcher for the giants since John Montefusco in 1976. Thats a streak of 32 seasons without a no hitter. The Giants won (of course) 8 – 0. 

Sanchez no hitter.jpg
In other news
The Mets landed Jeff Francoeur is a trade with the Braves. 

Jeff Francouer.jpg
Congratulations to Julia of Julia’s rants, She wrote the 200 comment on MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old. Thanks Julia

Have a great day 


Wow, congrats on that! I have 100 in two months so I hope to be where you are in the near future!🙂 please comment

Yay! I’m glad I was your 200th comment! And congrats to Sanchez – what a game!


Impressive indeed. Francoeur though has been anything but impressive. Hope a change of scenery helps.

That no-hitter was so sad because I’m a Padres fan!! Sure it was a great accomplishment, but Padres fans were not happy about it, that’s for sure.

It’s always great to see a guy that is having troubles play well. And throwing a no-hitter is playing extremley well.

you can alwaya count on julia to provide a comment!

Grrr. It was a heart breaking game for the Padre fans. Congrats to Sanchez but it just had to be us who didn’t get any hits.

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