Yankees Don’t Despair CC Sabathia Is In The Air

I went to a baseball camp this spring, It was at a local high school (GO SKY HAWKS). The varsity coach told us that if you score 8 runs in 9 innings you can’t lose. Unless, he added. The pitcher had a rough day. Andy Pettite had a little more then a rough day.

Andy Pettite.jpg
As Andy said ” if you don’t pitch well, your not going to win”. Of course like many Yankees fans I’m not happy with a 14 – 8 loss, but with CC coming tomorrow we are going to get a win I know it.

In other news My family has decided for our vacation to go to Colorado, home of the BRONCOS, I’m a diehard live and die fan of the boys in blue. They might of made some dumb moves, but hey where going to win the super bowl next year any way  :)

Brandon Marshall 3.jpg

Goodnight everyone

Have a great day


Wow, that is a cool post. Andy Pettite had to face an Angels offense that is rolling, wow is Willie Aybar on fire! How many triples can he have?🙂 please comment again.

It happens to everybody. Dont’ worry about the last few games. I mean, the Angels are actually a good team. Nothing wrong with dropping a few to teams like that, right?

And CC should fix what ails ya today.

You will love Colorado Johnny. Thanks for the sidebar love. Keep talking Broncos and Colorado and I’ll be a regular here…D

Have a great time in Denver!


The Broncos traded for whats his face and gave up there star QB. What a dumb trade no offense. Check me out and comment

Hey, thanks for commenting. Please keep it up! I hope to get 20 comments again! Thanks

The Yanks don’t know how to win day, hot weather day games – in order to win such games, teams need pitchers who throw sinkers and cut fastballs which induce ground balls, and keep the ball from leaving the park, the Yanks pitchers threw too many fast balls during the series with the Angels. Also, why did Girardi start the good glove, weak stick players like Molina and Gardener, and then sub them for the good hitting, worse with the glove players like Posada and Swisher? – most teams do it the other way.

C.C.? Bust of the year perhaps?

Good Luck to the Yankees! I guess..:)

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