The Monsters, The Muffled, and The Mute! 1 OF 3

So its mid season now and with the all star game festivities over I’m going to rate some teams on how they did in the first half.

Monster – 
Los Angeles Dodgers – with great position players ( I can name a couple off the top of my head Martin, Loney, O-dog, Furcal, that guy from Cleveland, Ethier, Kemp, and Manny) sorry if I misspelled anyones name. Anyway Joe Torre has done a great job with this team. Young Clayton Kershaw is doing terrific. They have a reliable closer in Jonathan Broxton. You can expect everyone in their line up to get a hit. This = Best record in baseball. My prediction 
Best – World series, Worst – NLDS
Martin and Ethier.jpg
Boston Red Sox – Lets start with pitching. They have Beckett, Wakefeild, Lester, Smoltz, Penny, and the occasional Dice K. They have one of the most reliable bullpens, and of course Jonathan Paplebon. (sorry if I misspelled that) So ya they have the best pitching staff. Hitting has never been to much of a problem for the Red sox. We will see how this whole shortstop situation will work out, otherwise they should take advantage of the trade deadline. My prediction, Best – World Series, Worst – ALCS
DAvid Ortiz.jpg
Their are not any other stand out teams, The Phillies are going to win their division only because, they have no challenger. The Mets are falling apart (again), the Marlins need another year before they are contenders. The Braves you never now. The Nationals……..
Thanks for reading the first part of THE MONSTERS, THE MUFFLED, AND THE MUTE.
The second one will come shortly.
Thanks for reading


The Red Sox are doing very well – and being only 2 games behind the Dodgers in terms of record – we could very well end of with the best record in the Majors.


I think my Yankees will be in there, Johnny. I wouldn’t write them off just yet!

I think the Dodgers and the Sox are the two best teams in their leagues. Good post, you nailed it. Keep on posting

Pitching wins championships. Still lots of season to play, but if the Red Sox hold that end up things will be looking good for them.

Johnny thanks so much for commenting on Cal’s Corner. Jones is one of the best young outfielders in the game, and continues too grow and get more better. Comment again

I like your take on the teams and your ratings (ie Best/Worst). Very unique. I want to argue with you, but can’t. Both the Dodgers and Red Sox have legitimate shots at being World Series teams. I’m hoping that only one of those comes true.

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